Deliveries and returns
The transport of your package

Package is in general sent in 48 h after reception of your payment. The mode of standard expedition is coherent Colissimo, delayed without signature. If you wish a delivery with signature, an additional expense is applied, thank you for contacting us. Whatever is the chosen mode of expedition, we shall provide you as soon as possible a link which will allow you to follow online the delivery of your package.

Expenses of expedition consist of the packing, handling and mail expenses. They can contain a fixed party and a variable party according to price or according weight of your order. We recommend you to regroup your purchases in an only order. We cannot put together two distinct orders and you will have to fulfil expenses of harbour for each of them. Your package is sent at your own risks, a particular care is brought in the package containing fragile products..

Package is oversize and protected.

Les colis sont surdimensionnés et protégés.